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AnneGaitedMule.JPG (75787 bytes)

"Re-Neigh" CM Gaited SM Walkaloosa mule filly in correct Mule Appy, owned by Anne Olejniczak   

cig2.jpg (108759 bytes)

Trad Cigar repainted into loud B&W leopard with all the details, mottling, mapping, etc.  Donated to Deb Chenoweth's Benefit auciton, sold on ebay.  Owned by??


SequoiaL.jpg (195401 bytes)

BS Odhinn resin CM to portrait of the gorgeous Half-Friesian mare Sequoia for breeder.

ZAPPA1.jpg (4784 bytes)ZAPPA2.jpg (5708 bytes)

"Zappa!" SM Zorse colt owned by Kelley Gjere  The first zorse I cm'd, sold on ebay


MB1.jpg (6518 bytes)MB2.jpg (6920 bytes)

"BS Mule Brynner", bay appy mule foal, owned by
Owned by??

VictoriaWintersL.jpg (6123 bytes)VictoriaWintersR.jpg (6308 bytes)

"Victoria Winters", SM Appy zorse filly owned by Anne Olejniczak

WillieR.JPG (66033 bytes)Willy.JPG (79730 bytes)

"BS Willy Wonkaloosa" an SM Pacer CM to a gaiting Walkaloosa mule john. Donation to Christine Othitis' 2002 Fall live show.

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