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Liver Chestnut My Front Page Lady resin painted by Alia and owned by Anne Olejniczak

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"BS Valor", CM Breyer Trak owned by Amanda Stock

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CM SM OM Morgan stallion head on NM ASB body, resculpted neck/mane/tail/fetlocks/hooves, owned by?

Piper.bmp"BS Piper Maru" Breyer PAF remade into a halter stance, new mane/tail/neck, painted a light baby bay, owned by Jill Wright. Wensleydale.jpg (33227 bytes)

"BS Bit O' Wensleydale", CM My Front Page Lady resin to gorgeous smutty dapple bay Bobtail Hackney pony.  Live and photo show placed, many time Photo champ comes with show pix.  For sale, $65.00ppd. Contact Alia if interested

RaaqisLeft.jpg (39082 bytes)

"Raaqis el Naar" SM WN Alessan resin, CM to sooty red bay sabino rabicano in pastels with acrylic and colored pencil accents.  MULTI-champ!  Collection the artist.

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