My Front Page Lady!

SM OM ASB customized in collaboration with Lynda Miller to a 3 gaited trotting mare.

The entire run of unpainted Pages has been sold out!! I will offer occasional artist choice pieces on ebay. .

She is named after the multi-champion real mare with the owner’s permission

The real My Front Page Lady, photo copyright Robin Poehlein, Louisville, KY, used with permission

Pricing: SOLD OUT

Contact: Alia at or PO Box 3587 Columbus, OH 43210

Page was cast by Charles Nichter of Nichter Prototypes-Creative Solutions. He is a relative newcomer to the world of model horses but an experienced resin caster whose expertise has made Page shine! For sculptors interested in his services, Charles' email is:

Painted Pages

Page painted by Lynda Miller

Page with added stallion parts, painted by Gina Anderson, owned by Tiffany Birkin


Liver Chestnut Page painted by Alia and owned by Anne Olejniczak

longwait2.jpg (20262 bytes)

Page painted a very vibrant bay tobiano by Kirsten Wellman, she is NAN qualified in performance!  Owned by?

Wensleydale.jpg (269933 bytes)

Page customized to a Hackney pony, has been live and photo show placed! For sale - $65ppd, comes with halter pix an done parade pic


PagebyKathyMcKenzie.jpg(26969 bytes)

Page painted by Kathy McKenzie, owned by?

PamsPage.jpg (19459 bytes)

Page in red roan owned by Pam Stamps

Page painted by Myla Pearce a STUNNING bay tobiano.