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CMDAPARAB.jpg (7611 bytes)CMDAPARAB2.jpg (7475 bytes)

CM SM OM Arabian Stallion to red bay going dapple.  Owned by?

MaestosoAliaR.jpg(90542 bytes)MaestosoAliaL.jpg (102445 bytes)

"Maestoso Alia" SM Warmblood CM with head resculpted to roman profile, new mane, metal shoes, painted to black going grey. Live and photo show placed, multi-champion! For sale, comes with show pix, $40ppd.

LinasHuckR.jpg (125832 bytes)LinasHuckHEad.jpg (109156 bytes)

Cm Huck for Lina Wermter, a portrait model.  SHow in progress, very light dapple grey in oils with small amount of flea biting.  Lina wanter her real horse's hair worked into the mane and tail.

TurfaelZarka.jpg (150488 bytes)

SM OM Arab mare in dark dapple grey in pastels with colored pencil and acrylic detailing.  Collection the artist.  Champion photo show horse.

smarabmare3.jpg (49333 bytes)

SM OM Arab mare in fleabitten grey, done all in acrylics in 1994(?)with CM mane.  Owned by?

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