Model Horse Tack by Alia

I've recently ventured into tack making and some examples are found below.  If you are interested in something you see or in having something made, please e-mail me.

Traditional Western Tack

New Bridle Style: Hand Braided Artificial Sinew

BraidedBridleFront.jpg (22982 bytes)BraidedBridleRt.jpg (36366 bytes)

Braided from in scale artificial sinew. Has two types of four strand braiding, braid covered Rio Rondo buckle and five different types of buttons. Bridle shown in progress, finished bridle will have additional buttons on nose band, braided chin strap, leather chin strap for show ring classes, and matching reins. This bridle is very adjustable (buttons all slide, buckle is tongued and works) but is only guaranteed to fit the Stone ISH and the BHR WP horse. Donated to Sophie Nordstrom's live show in Sweden in 2004.


Western Pleasure set for the PAM made as a custom order for Carra Reinmiller 

Custom sterling silver plates in a Celtic pattern (as well as custom sterling buckles to match) and braided edges make this saddle stand out.  


images of custom engraved sterling silver on this set:


Traditional Western Pleasure set for Judy Ulmer carved in a Celtic theme, with hand engraved sterling silver buckles and plates, lacing and green glass and sterling beads.  Lots of bling on this set.  Hand made sterling silver bit as well, engraved in a Celtic knot pattern.



Traditional Western set in pirate theme for Carra Reinmiller - 100% donation piece for Buckaneer Live


This set is made to fit the ISH and will be part of a performance package with a custom ISH by Kay Callahan and a custom matching saddle pad by Elise Partanen.  It has the show's trademark "Jolly Ponoe" as the silver plates on either side of the lower skirt and the breastcollar center piece, the jolly roger carved into the seat, a pirate ship carved into each stirrup fender, skull and cross bones on each seat flap, and silver and turquoise beads on the bridle and breastcollar.



Classic Western set with show bridle and breastcollar and working bridle and breastcollar


 Made for Sophie Nordstrom.  Working bridle is hand braided simulated rawhide with braided buttons and cast bit, matching breastcollar has braided trim.  Show bridle has braided buttons and sterling beads with cast bit.


CM Trad Parade Outfit for Sophie Nordstrm

Patent leather and thin hand tooled and cut aluminium (not foil tape) in an original Celtic Pattern of mine

Traditional Bridle and Breastcollar Set made for UTMHC live show

Donationbridle.jpg (85740 bytes) DonationTieDown.jpg (38193 bytes)DonationBC.jpg (58867 bytes)

 This set is made from natural lace and artificial sinew with sterling silver beads/bit and Rio Rondo buckles.  Made to be a working set with enough fancy stuff to work well in the ring, It has a combination of 5 different buttons and edge braiding as well as inset beaded round lace pieces.  The tie down bosal is 6 strand hand-braiding over a metal frame with slit braid attachment of the cheek pieces to the bosal.  Made to fit the ISH and BHR Western Horse.  Won by Dawn of High Desert Saddlery. Set is NAN Qualified!


Western set made for Diana LeVasseur

DianasSaddle.jpg (72513 bytes)


Shown in progress.  Custom basketweave pattern. Has matching breastcollar (working type) and front and rear cinches. Has sterling silver cast bit from Marsha at WTT and the tree is a modified WTT tree as well. 


Western set made for Julie Bundy

Bundysaddle.jpg (156488 bytes)BundySIlverCU.jpg (148019 bytes)BundyBC.jpg (46851 bytes)

103TazWP.jpg (36830 bytes) 

(photo by Julie Bundy, shown on her CM Taz, awesome pad made by Elise Partanen)

Custom basketweave pattern and custom silver.  Breastcollar silver matches silver on the cantle piece.  Julie sent pictures of two different saddles, one with the basketweave pattern and one with the silver pattern.


Trad WP Native American motif set

WP1.jpg (275732 bytes)WP2.jpg (298403 bytes)

Trad Western Pleasure set in golden saddle tan, hand carved in Native American motif.  Kokopelli and lightning marks on fenders, peace pipes on flaps, lightning marks all around lower skirt and rear of cantle, upper skirt/cantle edging stamped with basketweave.  Sterling accents (salamaders on lower skirt, horncap, conchos). All edges dyed/saddle lined with chamois.   Owned by: Sheryl Gudenschwager.


Trad WP Celtic motif set


CelticWP.jpg(18075 bytes)CelticWPCU.jpg (10420 bytes)CelticWPAdjStir.jpg(21267 bytes)

Trad Western Pleasure set in golden saddle tan, hand carved in a Celtic motif with new style lower skirt featuring cutaway under fender for less bulk.  Hand stitched pommel, stirupps, upper skirt, "rawhide" wrapped horn, hand carved celtic symbols adapted from pictures in the Book of Kells on fenders, pommel, cantle back, lower skirt.  Upper skirt and cantle rim basketweave stamped, edge of cantle and upper skirt silver laced, sterling silver conchos, horn cap and celtic knots on lower skirt.  Saddle has stitch marking and all edges have been dyed, stirrups are adjustable as well.  Owned by Melanie Devlin


Thunderbird themed WP set

thunderbirdwp1.jpg(50656 bytes)thunderbirdwpcu.jpg(97460 bytes)
Owned by Joanna Richardson of Australia. Thunderbirds carved on seat and fenders, thunder motif carved on fenders, cinches and skirts, thunderbird silver plates on skirt. My trademark fancy cinch rings on both front and rear cinch. News Flash! This saddle set was named Champion Tack at the Inaugural Queensland Live Show and helped model to win Champion OF Performance at Bathurst Live Show, both in Australia. Congrats, Joanna!


Dragon themed Trad parade set

dragonparade.jpg (513268 bytes)
Owned by Shannon Toskanoski. Silver is hand carved silver tape with Dragons on breastcollar, fenders, skirt and serape, with complimentary flame design on serape, sterling star drops on serape and breastcollar with complimentary face drop. Sterling silver beaded bridle, reins and croup drops.

Parade Sets start at $150ppd.


Dragon-themed Western Pleasure set

DragWPLeft.JPG(61905 bytes)DragWPSeat.jpg (15655 bytes)DragWPCantle.JPG (60037 bytes)DragonWPstirrup.jpg (108084 bytes)

Owned by Carole Nomarhas of Australia in a lovely reddish brown with custom carved silver in a flame pattern. Dragons carved on seat, fenders, seat jockeys, and skirt. Also has a working breastcollar carved with matching flame pattern.


Little Bit/Pebbles Tack

LBWesternSet1.jpg (600437 bytes)LBWesternBridle.jpg (147943 bytes)

My first Pebbles set, has carved fenders, jockeys, skirts, seat, silver tape on pommels, skirt and cantle. Handmade tree, sterling silver beads on bridle and breastcollar, sterling silver working buckels on breastcollar, silver carved stirrups (handmade). Owned by Amanda Stock. This set has NAN-qualified for Amanda against the big guys!  A similar set can be ordered for $55ppd.

Stablemate Tack

greysaddleSetLS.jpg (54474 bytes) greysaddleSetRS.jpg (17193 bytes)

My first stablemate sized western saddle, in grey leather with wire stirrups and silver tape silver accents.

SMnaturalSet.jpg (356079 bytes)

Natural colored WP SM set, all hand made sterling buckles, sterling bit, sterling beads on reins, reins made of skived leather for optimum drape, string cinch, painted silver accents, pin conchos, black suede set.  These sets are made on a partial tree to hold their shape.  Owned by: Sarah Sowa.  This set has won MULTI Performance championships, even against the big guys! A set like this can be ordered in black, natural, saddle tan, or black for $45ppd.

SMredhuntseat.jpg (356079 bytes) SMredhuntseat2.jpg (356079 bytes)

Hunt seat set in "saddle tan" color, fully adjustable with sterling buckles/bit and cast stirrups. Owned by: Sarah Sowa.  Another multi-Perf championship set on several different molds. A set like this can be ordered $45ppd.

SMParade.jpg (54474 bytes)
SM Parade set, fits NM SM ASB. Has silver tape pommel, sterling silver laced headstall and reins, Sterling Silver bit/face decoration, breastcollar decoration, silver paint on serape, tapaderos, breastcollar, and fenders. Owned by Shannon Tostanoski

SM Saddleseat set in black with sterling silver buckles and bits. Shown on Page resin customized by Myla Pearce.

SM Draft Collar Harness, made from black leather and patent leather, fitted to the OM SM Draft. Owned by Sara Sowa

Something different

 a real horse hackamore noseband carved with a celtic dragon motif made for my real horse, Silk.  Made from 6oz veg tan leather with real black sheepskin lining and laced edge braiding.

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